Why I Would Pick The Following Zojirushi Rice Cookers


If lately you have been shopping for the best rice cookers, with the way things currently are in the market, I am quite sure you have come across Zojirushi rice cookers. Immediately after this top rice cooker 2015 hit the market, it has in a way revolutionized the way things used to be done. Now, being one of the biggest fans of this brand or cookers, the following are three of my favorites. Have used them and they stood out as some of the best.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10, Fuzzy and Warmer rice cooker

When it comes to performance and versatility, I would actually give it to this model. It is not only flawless in what it does, but it comes fully complete with an array of settings to handle a wide arrange of rice. When I first bought it, its capability to automatically adjust heating and temperature got my attention. I have tried a couple of rice cookers and none of them comes with this unique feature. It does not even stop there, it is quite easy to clean; the interior is flat and can be wiped clean with so much ease. If asked, I would not hesitate to recommend this model. I have it in my kitchen and I know what it can do.

Zojirushi Induction Heating, NP-NVC10 Pressure cooker

Coming in number has to be this model, I first saw my friend using it and after a couple of testing, it stood out as one of the best Zojirushi rice cookers. Other than its delayed start feature, a wide range of preset menu settings and its ability to cook an array of rice types are other great things you can net from this model. Bottom line; although it comes with no steamer basket, it is the best. My mother has had this cooker for more than a year and she loves it. It is currently one of the best Zojirushi rice cookers.

Trying to Copy Mom’s Bread Recipe

I always remember that certain smell during the holidays in my house growing up. That blend of cinnamon, steaming grains, and something else that I could never quite put my finger on was reason we never needed scented candles during that time of year. My mother was a self-taught chef, as most mothers are, and her bread machine was in constant use during the Thanksgiving to New Year months. She mainly gave out breads and cakes for Christmas gifts, switching the types between years.
banana bread
The banana bread she made was always my favorite and I’ve been trying to copy her recipe for years now.I tried to make the bread using the oven, but the results were always lack-luster, never achieving what my mother had made all those years ago now. I knew I had to get a bread machine to even come close to mom’s recipe. But where to start? I asked my mom what kind of bread machine she had used and, apparently, she had thrown it away long ago. I started researching my different options, checking the big online retailers and the local stores on the good bread machines 2015.

I finally chose the Panasonic model I found at my local Home Depot, the last place I expected to find a bread machine. The price was reasonable and the previous Panasonic bread machine review I saw online pointed to it as one the best for the price. As soon as I got home, I unpacked and set up my new white bread machine and quickly grazed over the instruction manual. It really didn’t even need one, as I was able to easily navigate the buttons and use the on-screen menu to select the type of bread and how much. It is able to add the yeast automatically during the baking process and has a thirteen hour timer, more than enough time to come to freshly baked garlic bread for dinner!

The non-stick pan with a handle (haven’t burnt myself once!) never needs oil, letting the bread cook perfectly without getting too oily like some other bread makers do. It also came with a recipe book, containing 50 differing types of bread and cakes that the Panasonic bread machine creates like a professional baker. After playing around with a few different types of bread settings, such as sourdough, sandwich bread, and fruitcake, I was finally ready to give Mom’s recipe a go. It was perfect the first try!

The banana bread was a little crispy on the outside and perfectly moist on the inside, keeping the flavor perfect and letting out a little puff of steam with the first slice. I called my mom and excitedly told her the news. She asked if I could send some, but she’ll have to wait till I make more; the first batch was gone before I even called her!

I love my Panasonic bread machine, it really fits me and my desire to bake bread without having to open a bakery. I can’t wait till the holidays roll around so I can start pumping out breads and cakes for my family and friends this year. But mostly for myself *wink.

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