Good Blend of Fresh Juices


Setting aside the large blender that was built outside Jamba Juice to attract customers, the blender that they actually use to provide the best juices ever also plays a major role in their ever growing popularity. According to the top best juicer reviews for all types of juicers, the Jamba juice blender has very unique, sharp blending blades that could produce a nice blend of fresh juices without the heavy pulp of fruit in it. The stainless steel blades would gently blend the pulp of fruits to bring out the healthy juices out of each single fruit.

Then, a special strainer attached with the blender is used to extract out the tasty, fresh thick juice out of the blended juice just now. The blended juice would definitely make your thirst disappear within seconds and at the same time, you will definitely get addicted to the awesome taste given by the juice prepared by Jamba juice blender! Once more? Exactly that will be the request if you try the juice from the blender once!

Apart from the blades, the blender jar also has its own specialty. Compared to other blenders in the market, the best juicer reviews states that the Jamba juice blender has a jar that is made out of a strong plastic that makes it three times stronger than any other blender jars that you have ever seen or used in your life. I still remember, I use to own this juice blender that has a very fragile kind of blender jar.

Each time I want to wash it, the jar would just slip out of my hand and there will be a crack. That was such a headache to me as I had to be so careful while handling it. But, you don’t have to worry about it with this juice blender as the blender jar is quite strong that it can stand slight knocks very well. In addition, Jamba juice blender also can prepare more juices per serving than any of your other kitchen blenders available in one blend. Isn’t that just awesome? You can prepare fresh juices for all your guests within split of second. Check out more on Jamba juice.

Another major problem that most of us face when it comes to juice blender or any other blender is its operational sound. Some blenders can give such horrible motor sound that you have to hunt for ear plugs to protect your auditory tube every time you want to handle the blender. That can cause a lot of inconvenience to the user and also to everyone else around. However, the best juicer reviews guaranteed that the Jamba juice blender can be safely regarded as sound proof kitchen utensil. Let your ear plugs go on leave as you won’t need them anymore as you have the best blender with you!

Just switch on your juice blender anytime, anywhere to get those fresh juices without having to worry that the motor sound would cause alarm to everyone around you. You can always work in a peaceful, quiet kitchen environment if you make the right choice by choosing the one and only Jamba juice blender for your kitchen, the blender that has the best blender reviews ever. Cherish the heart of your loved ones with the tasty juices from this blender everyday!

My Best Steak Knives


cutting-steakHave any of you ever wondered how do you define a knife as being the best and worst knife when all the newly bought knives exhibit the similar state of sharpness? Trust me, even I didn’t think of it until I overheard the conversation between a customer and a sales representative, “so, are you suggesting to me that the knife that you recommend is so sharp that it will cut anything smoothly and the rest of the knives here are blunt?”

Well, maybe the customer was not patient enough to listen to the sales person but I have exactly the right answer to calm down this type of customers.

Firstly, the title best knife is not just given for its sharpness but its overall appearance as well. I mean, what is a knife if it is not sharp? However it isn’t just about being sharp but also about being visible to the customer. Read reviews to help you in selecting the best rated cooking knife set, this website might be helpful in your search, Reclaiming the blade.

Steak knives are the only knives that we use on a modern table rather than the kitchen. Therefore, it should always look good when you present it on the table because the better it looks, the more colour it will add to your fine dining table.

The best steak knives would usually exhibit the classy look with wooden handle. Then comes the issue of sharpness and as I have mentioned earlier, knives have to be sharp generally but be careful as it should not be too sharp as it might cause damage to the plates. This is true because steak knives are the only ones that are not used to cut vegetables or fruits using a cutting board. Instead, these physically attractive tools are used on plates to slice the steak such as lamb chop, meat loaf and others. (Learn more:

So, it should possess adequate level of sharpness that allows it to slice through the steak smoothly to be able to grab the title as best steak knives!

The steak knives also have serrated end of the blade which allows it to cut through the meat slices with little effort. There are also these types of knives that carry the feature of a straight blade without the serrated end. Again, it is the matter of choice of whether you prefer to just have a steak knife for the sake of having it or you are really looking for the best steak knives.

If the latter is your choice, then serrated end would be your choice because serrated end makes it easier to slice down the meat. Having said all this, you can never exclude the fact that these good looking steak knives are still a part of the kitchen members. After all, knives are the assets of the kitchen right?

Even if use it mostly in the dining table than the kitchen but it still belongs to the kitchen as it is a member of the knife family. So, if steak knives with all the features described above are labeled as the best steak knives, then the title ‘the best kitchen knives’ will not be a jargon word for those having these knives at home!

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Gift Microwave for My Daughter

Microwave ovens are simply becoming ubiquitous kitchen equipment and after realizing this I needed to shop one for my daughter as she started her family. I use a Panasonic Genius NN at home. So far, I cannot complain about it and in my opinion, it is the best microwave brand in the market. However, I can say that because I have not experienced other brands and my microwave is 7 years old now. I went shopping with my husband because he has a thing for electrical appliances. We also looked at online reviews for the best microwave oven brands in the market.
Surprisingly, my Panasonic Genius NN was among the best microwave brands. We had three brands to choose from and we should have the best microwave brand that my daughter and his hubby will be happy about. These were the Panasonic Genius NN, Nostalgia Electrics Retro and the Whirlpool WMC20005VD.

The Panasonic Genius has an internal capacity of 1.2 cubic foot which offers plenty of space for meal preparation. The 1200 watts of power makes this oven great and enables me get the results as per the menu. I like it because of the even cooking. The built-in sensors in this microwave oven makes it the best microwave brand. Reviews also praised its performance.

I also like the Nostalgia Electrics thanks to its energy efficiency and its great style. I liked the design and the simplicity of the Nostalgia Electrics more. Though this has an internal capacity of 0.7 cubic foot, it is enough to accommodate 2 full-size dinner plates.

The Whirlpool was the last best microwave brand in our shopping list. It is a space saver with 0.5 cubic foot of internal capacity. As long as I know, my daughter was not in need of saving space. However, it is also a money saver. Finally, since I had to choose the best microwave brand, I settled for the Nostalgia Electrics. My daughter loved the style and the performance.

Why I Would Pick The Following Zojirushi Rice Cookers


If lately you have been shopping for the best rice cookers, with the way things currently are in the market, I am quite sure you have come across Zojirushi rice cookers. Immediately after this top rice cooker 2015 hit the market, it has in a way revolutionized the way things used to be done. Now, being one of the biggest fans of this brand or cookers, the following are three of my favorites. Have used them and they stood out as some of the best.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10, Fuzzy and Warmer rice cooker

When it comes to performance and versatility, I would actually give it to this model. It is not only flawless in what it does, but it comes fully complete with an array of settings to handle a wide arrange of rice. When I first bought it, its capability to automatically adjust heating and temperature got my attention. I have tried a couple of rice cookers and none of them comes with this unique feature. It does not even stop there, it is quite easy to clean; the interior is flat and can be wiped clean with so much ease. If asked, I would not hesitate to recommend this model. I have it in my kitchen and I know what it can do.

Zojirushi Induction Heating, NP-NVC10 Pressure cooker

Coming in number has to be this model, I first saw my friend using it and after a couple of testing, it stood out as one of the best Zojirushi rice cookers. Other than its delayed start feature, a wide range of preset menu settings and its ability to cook an array of rice types are other great things you can net from this model. Bottom line; although it comes with no steamer basket, it is the best. My mother has had this cooker for more than a year and she loves it. It is currently one of the best Zojirushi rice cookers.

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