Espresso Makers I Set My Eyes On

My espresso machine quit on me last February and I just couldn’t start my day right without my special coffee. I wanted to buy an espresso machine immediately but then I realized that there are so many different ones in the market that I needed to check on espresso maker reviews 2016 to be sure I got the right one for me. Several names and brands popped out as I was browsing for espresso machines and the ones that caught my eye were Breville, Nespresso and DeLonghi.

latteI am partial to DeLonghi because this was the brand of my previous coffee machine and it lasted several years. The one that I was thinking of getting was the Breville ESAM 3300 because it is just a little over my budget at $700. What I liked about it is that it could make an espresso and a cappuccino at the same time because it was a double boiler. It had a built in grinder so I didn’t have to grind outside and then transfer it to the espresso machine. My friends did complain about excessively noisy grinder, which can be a hassle.

I loved the Nespresso machine because it came with several dozen flavors and can produce a cup in about half a minute. Since it uses capsules or pods, I didn’t have to worry about a noisy grinder. The pods keep the grounds fresh each time and the measurement is basically set. I’m pretty sure that at least a couple would suit my taste! Not to mention the amazing price of around $200.

The Breville BES900XL was a beauty and I was so tempted to buy it but the price made me think twice. It had temperature control for the water and an over pressure valve which helps to prevent too much extraction pressure. The steam wand can rotate a full 360 degrees and you can program it according to your preference. I just couldn’t afford it $1,200!

I chose the Nespresso because there were so many different espresso blends available. The speed of production was also quite good and the pixie size didn’t take up too much space in my kitchen.

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