How Choosing a Knife Set Set Me Out to a Fulfilling Career

kitchen knife

When I got accepted at one of the world’s most prestigious chef training institutions, I knew that I had taken a major step towards achieving my career goals. I have always loved cooking and really wanted to turn my passion into a career. One thing I knew is that the course would be highly competitive. Impressing my instructor was key to graduating and possibly being assigned a job at a top hotel.


On the first day, the instructor had us introduce ourselves and gave us a test. We were to impress her with our selection of kitchenware. She explained that a good chef must know what kitchenware to choose before he or she begins preparing food. I was assigned the task of selecting kitchen knives. Excited as I was, there was a tinge of fear within me. However, I couldn’t let the opportunity miss me.

I began my search for the different types of kitchen knives available. I was overwhelmed by the huge selection available online. I knew I had to think like a master chef. So I narrowed my search to the best knife sets to buy. The results were fewer but I knew that I still needed to narrow down the search.

To do this, I focused on finding a knife set that was functional in cutting and chopping different types of food. Next, I looked at the quality of the materials used to make the blade and handle. Finally, I looked at the cost. This narrowed down my search to three knife sets. All were made using the same materials and comprised knives for different tasks. My final choice was based on the brand. If I wanted to become a master chef, quality kitchenware needed to come from a quality brand.

My instructor was impressed by my selection. She was even more impressed by my criteria for selecting my kitchenware. That marked the beginning of a great experience learning how to become a top chef from one of the best chefs around.

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