I bought smaller rice cooker for keeping my family healthy

Rice is becoming universal scapegoat for many of the carbohydrate related health problems. But would you risk the health of your family even if you think like me? I don’t think so. So I am slowly steering my small family to whole wheat breads and drastically reducing the rice consumption. I have this 5 cup rice cooker with me, which I have used for almost 10 years now. It is tempting not to cook more rice in it. So I started looking for good digital rice cookers. I saw the 2 cup rice cooker, which I thought was very cute, but insufficient for my family. Therefore, I specifically searched for 3-cup small rice cookers. Two of the rice cookers that I liked from the list were Black & Decker 3 cup rice cooker, and Zojirushi 3 cup rice cooker.

zojirushi rice cooker

I wanted to buy the Zojirushi rice cooker because it looked so neat and compact. It also had a different appearance when compared to traditional rice cookers. Remember I already own slightly larger one. But the reviews indicated problems with condensation and so I had to settle for Black & Decker.

My Black & Decker 3 cup small rice cooker does not offer as many features as the Zojirushi 3 cup rice cooker does. That rice cooker can be used for cooking many different things because there is a timer there, and possibly a chip as well. But this rice cooker is comparatively simple and almost a smaller version of what I already own. The horizontal cook and keep warm buttons stand out like orange eyes on its grey colored control panel. One of the features I really liked in this rice cooker is ability to see the stage of cooking. This is because the lid of this rice cooker is made from tempered glass. This lid is removable as well. The picture on the website showed steaming of rice with vegetables in it. I have not tried any rice varieties in it, simply because I am not sure rice would be sufficient for us. This feeling may only be my belief, so someday I do hope I can cook varieties such as vegetable rice and fried rice in it.

The removable cooking bowl in this rice cooker has a non-stick layer, unlike the aluminum cooking bowl that I have in my old rice cooker. Cooked rice, therefore, does not stick to the bowl. The bowl can also be cleaned easily in my dish washer along with other utensils. This is much appreciated by me. The bowl of the previous rice cooker did pose some problems at times.

We have managed to bring down our rice consumption with this rice cooker and our energy bills are down too. Whenever we do feel some hunger pangs, and I am not going to deny we do have them, we opt for making juices from some vegetables. Hopefully, my family is getting healthy meal.

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